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Preparing Your Garage Door for the Winter

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Preparing Your Garage Door for the Winter

Preparing Garage Door for the Winter | Garage Door Repair Powder Springs, GA

One thing homeowners should know is that garage doors are not immune to the weather. This is especially true during wintertime, when the doors can actually freeze due to the intense cold. It doesn't matter whether the door has an aluminum frame or not; cold weather can cause the door to operate improperly, perhaps even prevent it from opening at all. This calls for a little bit of experience in dealing with this type of problem. So let's see how homeowners can prepare their doors for winter.

Cleaning & Lubrication Is Essential

For this to be possible, both the door’s exterior and interior will have to be cleaned. A mild detergent mixed with water, as well as an all-purpose cleaner are essential tools that are needed for the job. Following this, car wax can provide the door’s exterior with added protection against the elements. As for the interior, we recommend ensuring all door parts are properly lubricated and grease free ahead of the cold weather.

Inspect The Weather-Stripping

It is important to keep an eye open to the condition of the weather stripping, as well as the seals located all around the door. They should be clean, and crack-free, and the seals must be secured tight all around the frames. The door’s protection can be compromised through any possible openings, no matter how small they may be, and frost may enter through these small openings (as well as small animals trying to escape the cold!)

A Little Bit Of Insulation Goes A Long Way

For areas where temperatures can fall pretty low, we always recommend ensuring a certain level of insulation is in place to prevent energy from escaping from the house through the garage. In general, this is a good investment as this increased energy efficiency prevents unnecessarily high bills.

Keeping the door ready for the winter season is really quite simple. All it takes is a little vigilance and a bit of forward planning, and it’s all set to last a very long time. Interested in booking a pre-winter maintenance checkup? Just get in touch with our specialists at Garage Door Repair Powder Springs to discuss further.


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