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At Garage Door Repair Powder Springs, we endeavor to help our customers make the best choice when it comes to powering their garage doors. Take a look at our service offering to see how we can serve you.Garage Door Openers

Expertise in Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

The original automated garage opening mechanism, chain drives are renowned for being built-to-last and are very reliable. One of the major downsides of chain-driven doors is that their operation is fairly loud; however newer models offer smoother operation and some noise reduction. Our company has a wealth of experience in the installation of chain drive garage door openers. You can also call us in to fix common issues that interrupt the proper functioning of a chain-drive unit, such as the replacement of damaged components, bearings, sprockets, or a stretched cable that result in the chain hanging loose and away from the rail.  

Get the Best of Both Worlds with Screw Driven Opener Options

Homeowners seeking a quieter, but cost-effective motor solution should consider having a screw drive mechanism installed. This type of opener unit is the perfect in-between solution between the chain drive and belt drive type of garage door openers. Featuring less components than the other more popular opening mechanisms, screw-driven doors can also be easier to maintain. If you choose to install a screw-drive motor, call us to do it for you. We carry the professional models of the top brands, meaning that you won’t experience the regular problem of damaged collar and spring clips that many self-installed tracks have due to the rail being in separate sections. Furthermore, we can repair and replace the broken coupler that’s probably causing that loud grinding noise you hear when you open the door.

Benefit From Near-Silent Operation with Belt Drive Units

Belt-driven garage motors offer the best in reduced noise and smooth operation when compared to the chain and screw drive option. Customers often call us when their garage door isn’t opening, but they are unable to see any obvious problem with the belt. In this case, our technicians will check the gears and replace them if they have become worn and stripped. Although the rubber belt is a durable component of this opener, and is able to sustain years of use, there will come a time when you need to change it due to wear-and-tear. We are skilled at belt replacements, and offer a lubrication maintenance service to keep it from squeaking and to extend its working life.

Reliable Advice & Professional Installation of Jackshaft Opener Units

If you’re looking to free up space in the ceiling of your garage, perhaps to create extra storage, consider having a jackshaft opener unit installed. These wall-mounted garage door openers lift the door through a cable and pulley system. Being relatively new in the market, it’s highly recommended that you get this type of opener professionally installed.

You can rely on our unmatched expertise and experience to fit a new jackshaft unit and ensure that it works perfectly with your door. Contact us today!

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