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  • Is it all right to repaint my garage door?

    Yes, but our experts warn that some types of garage doors need a special kind of paint and finish. Some paints have chemicals that may damage the garage door, especially those with formulated compounds that were used for manufacturing. Refer to your manual to know the specific kind of paint to use.

  • I lost the garage door clicker - what should I do?

    Operate from the wall mounted keypad for the time being. If you do not have one, you will have to operate it manually. Get a replacement remote as soon as possible. You can get the exact same model as the previous one or buy a universal remote, as suggested by our technicians.

  • When is torsion spring replacement required?

    If the door moves too fast or slams and the problem is not fixed with torsion spring tightening and lubrication, then replacement will be necessary. Replacement will be required if the spring is too rusty, very worn out and/or has lost its elasticity and does not operate properly.

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